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Shandong Zonxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. warmly congratulates the successful holding of the 17th "Liangshan" Special Purpose Vehicle Expo

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    On September 17th, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 17th "Liangshan" Special Purpose Vehicle Expo, hosted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the Shandong Province Automobile Industry Association, the Liangshan County Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Association, and organized by Jining Dajue Exhibition Culture Communication Co., Ltd., was held at the Liangshan Convention and Exhibition Center. Zonxin showcased its latest research and development products in Hall W6.

     The most significant difference in the newly developed intelligent lightweight walking mechanism compared to previous ones lies in the overall weight change. Taking the lightweight hazardous chemical walking mechanism currently used in the market as an example: the existing weight is over 3300 kilograms, while the new generation of products developed now weighs 2902 kilograms, achieving a weight reduction of 400 kilograms. The credit for achieving such weight reduction cannot be overlooked, thanks to our company's new air suspension and disc axle. The airbag base used in the air suspension is made of special aluminum alloy, reducing weight by up to 50% compared to conventional bases. The new generation of axles adopts a thickening process for the axle tube, and the matching hubs are made of special aluminum alloy material, sturdy, durable, and stable in performance.

    Shandong Zonxin Autot Parts Co., Ltd. invites all guests to visit and guide our work. Zonxin is willing to cooperate with more outstanding special vehicle manufacturing enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation and create brilliance together.


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